Monday, June 1, 2009

Making Easy Money On The Internet.

One of the first things to go if you wish to learn how to make easy money on the internet is to have a little faith in yourself. Because without faith there is nothing and I'm not talking from any religious sense whatsoever. You just have to go that extra mile and know, whatever the obstacles in your path, that you will eventually succeed in building your hot money factory.

This was taught to me a long time ago by a very wise person. Actually, my mother. She said, "Ray, always remember that there is no such thing as failing. Only quitting!" Of course, she was right, as usual.

It's true! Of course, common sense has to come into that homily. Unlike the ram who kept on butting that dam, in the Frank Sinatra song, "High Hopes". It is no use simply carrying on doing something that has been proven to fail time and time again. The problem has to be looked at anew and the reason(s) for failure, re-evaluated. It may be that the simple modification, or alteration, will bring a long-sought success.

It is better to follow the example of a genuine and honest person, who I think Kevin Riley is. That's why I'm following his plan to the letter, instead of simply quitting....this time!

I've read his 73 page manual and shall then put this first of three initial products to the test. I'd be delighted to give you the results. Good, bad, or indifferent, as I go along.

Later today I shall be writing an article for insertion into EzineArticles and building a page on Squidoo. If it works and I feel it will, then it's just a matter of 'rinse and repeat', for the other two, although he has many more e-books I'm very keen to try.
Finding it fairly easy to find the material to write for you here. As somebody said, it's just like having a chat to somebody who's sitting beside you and that's what I'm trying to do through these blogs, so please excuse any mistakes, especially grammatical.

Luckily, I managed to get hold of a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. It's magic, using a headset with microphone, watching the words appear on the screen just after I speak them and simply saying whatever comes into my mind. It's also much better at spelling than I, so that's a blessing! Very accurate, ant only takes a quick scan through to change a few words, usually badly pronounced by me, or add, or delete bits and pieces.

Well, this is my third "Making Easy Money On The Internet" blog.

Kevin suggests adding one, from now on, about every week to bring the search engines back and improve my ratings with Google to build my hot money factory.




Saturday, May 30, 2009

More ideas on how to make money on the Internet.

Continued...How to make money
on the Internet, with your own hot money factory:

Very often, the basic problem in building your own money factory is simply knowing how.

Too often we buy an e-book, or a piece of software which promises the earth in its sales page on how to make money on the internet and boast about how much the author has made on Clickbank, or PayPal, or wherever! So, we once again take out our credit card and put our trust in the words of an anonymous entity on the net.

We try so hard to follow the directions, but so many times, but our heads against brick walls.
I'm sure you have had the experience of becoming enthusiastic and starting to follow the directions step-by-step, but quickly find that we are either totally confused by complicated instructions which may be above our learning levels. When all we are looking for is something which gives 'real' and easy-to-follow instructions.

The e-book I am describing has given me, for the very first time, real, literal, paint-by-numbers directions, on how to build my own 'money factory' and I am following them to the letter in the writing of this actual blog. You can do the same, if you take action and follow through with me. Let us do this together.

Again, if you wish to join me and together learn more about this exciting experience in building our own money factories, to make money on the Internet, then take a look at this,
click on this great link.

More about the actual book and its contents, in my next blog for you.




Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question: How Can I Make Money On The Internet?

The best way is to build a "Money Factory"?
What's that and is it hard to do?

Not if you can find someone to guide you, using a simple, step-by-step and fun method, complete with easy to follow diagrams and a map to take you from zero knowledge and income, to a very good chance of starting to see a growing amount of cash building your account, in, in a very short time.

No, I'm not promising you a fortune, in no time flat, with no work. Or that you will wake tomorrow morning with bags of cash in your bank account. You have to put some effort into it, but we have kept that to a minimun, by our easy to follow and act upon, step-by-step map.

Before I go on I would ask you always to remember this. "You can't fail!"
Impossible? No, just a fact of life.

It is true. You cannot fail, but, you can QUIT!

It's that simple. Think about it.

We'll give you what you need, to bring in an increasing income and enable you to, eventually, give up your daily commute. Like that idea? Well, read through this list. It will sound a bit frightening but, believe me, it is not, as you will be hand-held through the whole, logical and fun method of building your own money factory.

You will be shown how to:

*Find great and profitable markets for your income building plans.
*Build a super sales system.
*Locate the best affiliate products and programs
*List profitable and targeted keywords, including long tailed phrases

And more here!

Naturally, I could only briefly touch upon the vast subject of internet marketing, in this short chat with you.

What I initially suggest is an inexpensive and super quick method of building your own profitable and long lasting money factory.

Whether you take action and investigate further is entirely up to you. Your call... do you really want, or need, to start pulling in and building a growing, income from the internet?

The ball's in your court. If you want to move forward, Then look at this. If. on the other hand, you prefer to waste time on get-rich-quick schemes, or pie-in-the-sky empty promises, then simply keep on doing what you have been doing and nothing will change.



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